Sea Sex

Donkey Punch

In the sex-at-sea-gone-wrong horror thriller Donkey Punch (2008), three horny college girls on vacation accept an offer to do some industrial strength partying on board a yacht with four horny guys. I doubt any of ’em planned on wearing a life-jacket, let alone other forms of ocean-going protection.

Donkey Punch

A few drinks, some drugs and a video camera was all it took to get the party started. The kid with the camera is goaded into having sexualizings with one gal, who is up for sharing her heaving bounty. (No sunken chest here.) Good for him. The older guy goads him into giving her a “donkey punch,” a fist whack to the back of the girl’s head at the crucial moment, in order to take said crucial moment to the extreme, dude. He breaks her neck and freshness expires her. Bad for him. Even worse, it was all caught on camera.

Donkey Punch

The remaining two girls freak out, which pretty much kills (sorry) the mood. The guys, on the yacht that isn’t even theirs, decide to wrap the dead girl in a sheet and toss her overboard. How environmentally insensitive — a sea turle could get its neck caught in that thing.

Donkey Punch

It’s right about here the gruesome events kick into overdrive and some really heinous panicky stuff  transpires. Everybody’s dark side comes out and they do things to each other that you’d normally see in psycho horror movies. In fact, several death scenes are shocking enough to make you seasick. The party started out with seven people. If you know math, start subtracting.

Donkey Punch

Yeah, the subject matter is as dumb as the title, but the filmmakers managed several white-knuckle scenes to keep it from sinking in a sheet-filled ocean of predictable horror clichés. Unlike the girl with the broken neck.

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