Eye Eaters

Raiders of the Damned

Thanks to WWIII, most of the planet has been turned into a zombie-inhabited post-apocalyptic house party. That’s because slickly-named Agent X-9 (military bio-warfare chemical stuff) mutated with the war’s nuclear fall-out, causing everyone to break out into eyeball-eating zombies.

Raiders of the Damned

A helicopter, carrying the lead scientist who is mankind’s last hope of finding a cure to this icky condition, crashes in the Zombie Zone, a compound ruled by undead army guys who can talk, think, strategize and wait for fresh eyeballs to hit the market. One undead soldier even carries a spoon to scoop out the yummy delicacy.

Raiders of the Damned

Dr. Lewis, going mad after being forced to live underground for years, needs to get Dr. Wells off the zombie menu. So he pardons four badass military prisoners to go get him. If they succeed, they’re free to do what ev. If they don’t… (Yes, this is almost the same plot for Escape From New York/1981.) Using a device that allows the special ops squad to walk through walls, they breach the zombie quarantine zone, which looks a lot like Lord of the Rings’ Helmsdeep (2001), but way more digital-y.

Raiders of the Damned

They do battle with the living dead in various stages of decay, all of whom look like discount community haunted house actors. Colonel Crow commands the zombie army and he talks and talks and talks… You almost want him to put some human in his mouth so he’ll shut the hell up. Capt. Dewey Crenshaw, coming to retrieve Wells, leads his small troop, consisting of a supermodel who prefers a sword to laser guns, a big oaf called Flex (who looks like Hulk Hogan’s homeless cousin) and another chick who becomes zombie food so as to illustrate the hazards of their mission.

Raiders of the Damned

A sub-plot that doesn’t get explored is that Agent X-9 is like Viagra™ to the zombies. A captured blonde scientist thus becomes an experiment herself, with Col. Crow giving her a Dizzy Pass™ on the zombie log ride in order to see what the by-product of a human and a zombie would be. I’m guessing a film critic.

Raiders of the Damned

The zombies need Wells to halt the decomposition process. Crenshaw needs Wells to gain his freedom. Some make it out, some don’t. Except for the eyeball-scooping scene, all other limb and head severing is digital, meaning no one actually gets an arm or a head cut off. Boring.

The ending of Raiders of the Damned (2005) is both predictable and stupid and will make you feel like scooping out your own eyeballs with a dinner spoon. But don’t use a dessert spoon — it’s too small and your eyeball will likely roll off onto the floor. And yes, the three-second rule about eating stuff that’s fallen on the floor applies.

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