Punk Rock Space Bird

The Giant Claw

The “giant claw” is a gigantic, squawking space bird that sounds like a panic-stricken monkey and a car alarm, and looks similar to those novelty toys you win playing ring toss at the carnival. Except they give this to you when you lose.

The Giant Claw

G. Claw is here. Deal with it. Mitch MacAfee, aeronautical engineer, sees the bird first during a radar test in the North Pole. He thinks it’s a UFO and is mocked for it. Given that the monster first appears as nothing more than a blur, like laundry fuzz in the corner of your eye, it’s a sound assumption. It isn’t until this hungry bird attacks a plane and eats the skydivers — and their parachutes — like gum with the wrapper still on, that MacAfee is taken seriously.

The Giant Claw

All attempts to blow that darn thing out of the sky are futile. Seems it emits some sort of deflective anti-matter shield around itself. So now the race is on to figure out how to burst its bubble. Meanwhile, Claw is eating teenager filled cars, trains and anything else with a nice satisfying crunch. (G-Claw chews into the U.N. building as if it were a skyscraping Graham Cracker™.)

The Giant Claw

Assisting MacAfee and his experiments with meson atoms is his smooch-able girlfriend, Dr. Karol Noymann and the non-smooch-able General Considine and General Van Buskirk. Working around the clock, experiment after experiment fails, while Claw is making a nest the size of a parking lot in which to lay goop filled eggs.

The Giant Claw

Finally succeeding at creating a machine that renders the bird’s anti-matter invulnerable, they rig it to a B-52 bomber and lure Big Bird into a trap, complete with armed warheads. And Claw shall shriek no more.

The Giant Claw

The Giant Claw (1957) is two movies, one loaded with tight acting/rapid fire hilarious dialogue, and the other a discount puppet show, with the bird’s Sesame Street™ hairdo and strings visible, flapping askew around the sky like it was on drugs. You’ll like this movie better if you were on drugs.

P.S. Don’t do drugs.

2 Responses to “Punk Rock Space Bird”

  1. This is a great movie–all the plausibility of a Roger Corman B feature; the realism of a Gerry Anderson epic; and enough stock military footage for an episode Wonder Woman.
    And it stars Big Bird’s cousin, Flippin’ D Bird, the Pakalolo Buzzard of Munchie Street(tm)
    What is not to love?

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