Composing The Decomposing

I, Zombie: The Chronicles fo Pain

A young British gent is given a 3-D hickey by a female zombiette, whom he happens upon in the woods while collecting biological chipmunk samples.

I, Zombie: The Chrinicles of Pain

Over the course of the following week he senses something is not quite right, like the non-healing flesh wound on his neck. Then comes the convulsions, gooey lesions and craving for human sushi, all the while keeping a chronological diary of his ongoing decomposition.

I, Zombie: The Chronicles of Pain

One of I, Zombie: The Chronicles of Pain’s (1998) romantic moments comes while pleasuring himself to his ex-girlfriends photo, he yanks his rotted pork stick clean off. I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened to… Never mind.

I, Zombie: The Chronicles of Pain

As his body further decays he simply screws metal plates into his skull and legs to keep things somewhat functional. No mindless Dawn of the Dead (1978) zombies wandering around like me after the bars close, just a fascinating  Hallmark™ look at the loneliness of being dead and having no one to talk to without chewing their ear off.

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