Desert UFOs

The Objective

Did a capsule review of The Objective (2008) back in the waning hours of 2011. And because you’ve been biting your nails in anticipation for a comprehensive throw down every since, I give to you the full meal deal…

The Objective

A CIA operative (I don’t know what that is) leads six elite special forces military guys into the Afghanistan desert to hunt and shoot terrorists. There’s a whole lotta nothing out there: a few rocks, some dirt, a bunch of bugs, a UFO

The Objective

The CIA guy uses hi-tech heat-sensing equipment to film anomalies (lights, shapes, triangles that look like the Master Control Program in Tron/1982), and beaming the images back via satellite uplink. A peek through the infrared camera shows humanoid shapes walking into a triangle. The naked eye, however, sees nothing. Freakin’ freaky.

The Objective

Nervous nerves getting frayed to the point of insubordination, the CIA agent explains they’ve known about the “visitors” for years, and that their mission wasn’t to seek out terrorists and shoot them in the belief system, but to gather more information and see if we could borrow their other-world technology to, like, conquer this world.

The Objective

Interesting concept, but the weak pay off makes me think that maybe we aren’t being visited by aliens after all, and that I’ve just been wasting my time thinking so. I’m gonna shift my theories back over to Bigfoot. He won’t let me down.

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