Hear’s To Horror

Masters of Horror: Sounds Like

In the unusual but resonating Masters of Horror: Sounds Like (2007), a nine-to-five white collar schlub with the personality of an occasional pillow, Larry Pearce has the right last name as even the smallest of noises sound as loud as a heavy metal concert.

Masters of Horror: Sounds Like

Wasn’t always that way for the supervisor at a software phone help line. One day while out sailing toy boats in a quiet lake, Larry hears his son’s innards laboring to do their job they were designed to do. A trip to the doctor reveals that the boy is beyond help and that there is NO HOPE. The grief of losing his son gives Larry superhuman hearing, which has its pluses and minuses. Mostly minuses.

Masters of Horror: Sounds Like

As the sounds intensify, Larry flips out at work, comes home and starts bashing the place up with a baseball bat, because those light bulbs, dripping faucets and bubble-making fish in the tank are just too darn loud. His wife is sound asleep upstairs. Standing over her, the sound of her breathing and her eyes rolling around while dreaming are like cement mixer melodies to him. So Larry smothers her with a pillow. Problem solved.

Masters of Horror: Sounds Like

The next week seems to be normal. The job’s going better. He’s getting some rest. The flies on the window don’t sound like 747s taking off. Life’s just peachy until…dang; Everything’s back to sounding like Metallica-brand™ jackhammers, drilling what’s left of his brain into sandpaper yogurt.

Masters of Horror: Sounds Like

Nosy neighbors call the cops, who show up to see Larry’s place trashed. No Larry, but they find his wife, her face mostly eaten off by still-feasting maggots, that are clearly chewing with their mouths open. That’s just disgusting.

Masters of Horror: Sounds Like

Larry’s outside, heading back to the calm and peaceful lake with a toy sailboat. His shirt is drenched in some sort of red fluid, probably ketchup.

Larry will no doubt get in legal trouble for all of this and have to go to a…hearing. Heh.

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