The Thereafter of the Hereafter


So what happens after you die? Beats the embalming fluid outta me. But that’s the premise of Hereafter (2010), a story about a guy who can communicate with the dead, or “hereafter.”


Feeling burdened by his “gift,” he gives up charging people for getting after-market life advise from the dearly departed, and goes to a mundane job in a San Francisco sugar factory, stockpiling food for giant ants and…sorry.


Anyway, there’s a two young twin boys in England, one of whom gets  turned into Bangers and Mash by a truck. Then there’s a hard news French chick who drowned and came back to life after being caught up in a tsunami while on vacation. (The opening sequence of the incoming surf  is a mind-blower.)


How all three of these people come together takes up most of the time that could’ve been better spent talking to the dead. As such, there’s barely any paranormal activity, just people trying to reconcile their mortality. Solid stuff, but a few giant ants would’ve been cooler.

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