Wisconsin Werewolf

The Beast of Bray Road

The Beast of Bray Road (2005) is based on the TRUE story of the REAL Beast of Bray Road, a DOCUMENTED werewolf that ate people necks in Elkhorn, Wisconsin in the 1980s. So there.

The Beast of Bray Road

After the local tavern does last call and boots everyone out the door to get in their cars and safely drive home completely smeared out of their minds, the legendary woolly bully attacks a girl and removes a fair portion of her facial parts. The new sheriff is called in to investigate. He’s better-looking than everyone in this stink hole town, so they figure he’ll solve the crime in no time.

The Beast of Bray Road

More attacks, more bodies, more gore. Throw in some “lookin’ for a fight” rednecks, a dorky cryptozoological hunter, the town skank, some bountiful boobies, boring sex, exciting beer, and an abundantly hairy werewolf that could use 16 trips to the barbershop, and you have a fun if not cheese ball horror movie that’ll take your mind off the AUTHENTICATED Beast of Bray Road.

The Beast of Bray Road

Bonus: The tavern owner is a really hot chick who wants the sheriff to frisk her. He does. But he should really put a leash on her, if you catch my drift. Screw you…I DID NOT just spoil the ending.

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