Mangled Up In Blue

The Mangler 2

A bunch of bad college kids in a private school have to stay after class for being bad college kids. Serves ‘em right, the trouble making butt-wipes; A good education is a privilege, not a right.

The Mangler 2

The university, it should be noted, is hard-wired, which means a computer runs the joint by opening and closing doors, thereby saving the campus thousands of dollars. The security cameras, also robo-controlled, catch the bad college kids doing bad things, like smoking illegal drugs and drinking unsafe amounts of alcohol and using language no doubt learned in study hall.

The Mangler

After a deadly virus is introduced (or “uploaded”) into the system, the computer deems everyone tardy, and one by one the bad college kids are put into eternal detention.

The Mangler

In the original Mangler (1995), the kill-bot was a mutated washing machine with a thirst for color-fast bleach and blood. In the sequel (related in name only), this Mangler is a bunch of extension chords and loose wires that wiggle in a menacing fashion and chase bad students down the hall. Even the ultra-cool Lance Henriksen as the controlling principal who literally becomes part of the education system can’t re-boot this mess.

Your personal computer/washing machine/waffle iron is more scary than The Mangler 2 (2001).

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