Headache Horror

Head Trauma

George’s grandma passed away five years ago. Her house is being condemned and torn down to make way for Starbucks™. George, gone for 20 years, is a drifter with mental issues. He makes his way back to the vacant house and decides he’s gonna fix it up and live there. He’ll have to decorate with rainbows and wishing wells because HE’S BROKE.

Head Trauma

Soon after moving in, his butt sausage of a neighbor throws him off the porch and George smacks his head, and he starts “seeing” things. George’s visions take him back to that time in high school when he talked a drunk chick into getting into that tree house with him — 40 feet off the ground. It was cold back then, so he was wearing a parka. Connect the dots.

Head Trauma

Head Trauma (2006) sports pretty good – or “decent” –  production values for an indie-horror. But you/me/I have seen it before and the thrills aren’t really that thrilling. There is a good moment, though, when George punches his fat, bully neighbor right in the fat. That George is a short, balding and tubby tub himself means this was a victory for similar drifters with mental problems everywhere.

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