Keep Calm At The Prom

Prom Night

In 1980, Jamie Lee Curtis, hot off her box office bulls-eye with Halloween (1978) starred in Prom Night, a Halloween rip-off.

Prom Night

That’s just part of the bad news. The other part (are you sitting down?) is this is Disco Horror. Yep, the high school’s prom night featured disco music so that everyone could bust a move like those wiggling inflatable “dancing” balloon men. Who wouldn’t want to kill those people?

Prom Night

The killer whose been killing all those involved with the killing of Jamie Lee’s movie sister is pretty obvious. Hint: That deejay spinning those Donna Summer records looks like he’s about to cut someone’s head off and roll it across the dance floor and… I guess we won’t be hearing “Stayin’ Alive” any time soon.

Disco sucks. People that dance poorly to disco suck. Prom Night sucks.

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