Stomach Monster


The Scourge in Scourge (2008) is a tentacled, icky bug creature that makes its six-hour Air BNB home in stomachs. (Your belly button is its front door.) It also makes you eat raw butter and drink curdled milk, gulping serving spoons of room temperature mayonnaise down your sandwich hole. And it makes your skin come off like wet drywall tape.


Buried in the foundations of a 1781 church, the icky thing got loose in modern day times when the holy house burnt down, and got into a fireman. He passed it to his girlfriend. She passed it to a punk rocker. He passed it to the ambulance driver. Lather, rinse, repeat.


A one-eyed man in the employ of the Catholic church collects the thing, takes it to a funeral home, and burns it alive. (10 minutes on 1600 degrees, turning once when brown. Serve with a side of room temperature mayonnaise.)


Some good gore bits (the punk rocker gets his lower face punched off) and some icky skin moments. But Scourge just didn’t have the guts it needed to make it tasty. Like raw butter.

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