Monsterland is either a new horror movie scheduled for release on June 7, 2016, or a scheduled reality that exists between my ears. Turns out it’s both.

The horrors that occupy my thought bubbles are far too socially not cool for any movie screen/smart device. But Monsterland (the movie) could be right up your skirt:


“Amidst a bloody backdrop of chaos and carnage, one panicked, lowly survivor of the Monster Apocalypse takes shelter in a movie theater to buy himself a few extra moments of precious life. Little does he know, he’s taken a flying leap out of the frying pan and smack dab into the fires of hell by attending the last movie marathon he’ll ever see.”


“Welcome to Monsterland – terrifying place where savage beasts, carnivorous creatures and grotesque abominations are the new normal, and the human race is now at the bottom of the food chain.”


The way my mind works, all I heard is “grotesque abominations.” So I will shell out as many fun coupons as needed to see Monsterland – because anything else would be socially uncool.

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