Sex In The Time Of Hyper Zombies

The Stink of Flesh

The Stink of Flesh (2005) is without question one of the more messed up (in a good way) zombie movies you’ll ever see.

The Stink of Flesh

Matool, a kick-boxing Mexican with a hammer, is inadvertently captured by an alternative lifestyle husband and wife team. Two sisters also live with them in a fortified house out in the desert: one just to the left of normal, the other growing out of her sister’s stomach.

The Stink of Flesh

Matool’s tool has been recruited to feed the wife’s insatiable need. The bent sister gets off by whacking Matool’s bare Mexican grupa with a section of Hot Wheels™ race track. The husband watches, and when he’s in the mood for romance, goes out to the garage where he keeps a naked, rock chick zombie chained up — and the scent of love and rotting flesh fills the air.

The Stink of Flesh

Military guys, out patrolling the countryside, are ambushed by “hyper zombies” and take refuge in the House of Non-Stop Porking. They’re enlisted to fulfill the deep desires of the wife who needs as much flesh as the undead. One of ’em is actually sexually motivated by the conjoined twin in the sister’s stomach and makes out with it. Super ick.

The Stink of Flesh

All the while an assembly line of the undead converge on the house. On the gore-o-meter, the splat of brains and overripe gunk is a 9 on a scale of 10. Bonus: the movie is filmed in broad daylight for optimum viewing pleasure. This one’s a keeper, much like the zombie chick in the garage.

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