Commuter Zombies

Train To Busan

Getting to work in the mornings can be a stressful experience, what with bumper car jam ups, taxidermy’d buses and zombies trying to eat your face.

That’s the premise of the upcoming (summer 2016) Korean horror movie, Train to Busan. (Educational side note: Busan is South Korea’s second largest city after Seoul, with a population of approximately 3.6 million.)

Train To Busan

Here’s what happens when Korean’s attempt to get to work: “An unknown virus erupts in Seoul and causes aggression and violence in those it infects. A group of survivors board the KTX bullet train that is headed to Busan, the supposed only safe refuge available. However, their trip isn’t as easy as sitting back and taking the ride…”

Train To Busan

Viewing the sparse trailer it would seem they borrowed more than a few notes from World War Z (2013), wherein this virus causes people to rage out and fling themselves off buildings and land on your face. Sounds a lot like a typical morning commute.

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