Lust For Frankenstein

Lust For Frankenstein

In the straight-faced schlocky Lust For Frankenstein (1998), that “never-say-die” Frankenstein fellow sure is a wacky guy. This time he’s a ghost with greasy hair and blood running down his scientific face. He also talks really slow and likes German heavy metal.

Lust For Frankenstein

Seems Franky cannot relax as his creation — a rather large woman with bare boobies and (cover your eyes) a Vienna bratwurst dangling between her legs — needs to be resurrected in order to clear the family name.

Lust For Frankenstein

But heck, since he’s a ghost, he’s hardly up for the task. So he gets his daughter, an unattractive older woman no one loves, to tend his fleshy creation. The older unattractive woman (who no one loves) goes to a strip club to pick up a victim for her new pet. She must think its the Royal Fork™ because apparently they allow you to, uh, lick the dancers’ plates clean. (Note to self: go to that strip club next pay day.)

Lust For Frankenstein

The monster — named “Goddess”— walks around totally nude, except for gold disco platform shoes. She also rubs herself against trees and stuff because both her sexes “need love.” Great dialogue (“I am a puppet…a beautiful, nasty puppet…”), tons of nude nakedness, soft-R sex scenes, and the bug-eyed ghost of Frankenstein.

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