Sex With Robots


Eight-year-old Ueno has a life-like, sexy cute robot maid whom he calls Maria. She cooks, cleans up after him, does his laundry… What she doesn’t do is the important stuff, like making out, feeling up, and ushering Ueno into manhood.


When he got older (about 77 to be exact), Ueno tries reprogramming her to fulfill his perv desires. Why he waited until he was pushing 80 to do this beyond me. The hitch in the plan is that Maria’s batteries are running dry. Because she’s an older model, they don’t make power cells for that droid series anymore. This sucks as Ueno is in love with her. (Why he didn’t stock up on batteries is beyond me.)


Elsewhere, another maid-droid customer is “trying out” the newer model, with adjustable boob size, enthusiastic response and, um, back door controls. The salesman stands by to point out all the new features while the potential customer is taking her for a test drive. Awkward.


Across town, a supermodel detective is investigating a series of rapes that may or not relate to the sex-bots. This part confused me as she owns a dog-droid, which was programmed to pleasure her. And they show this. Weird, and yet not cool.


How it ties in to Ueno and his beloved Maria is another thing that is beyond me. I blame sub-titles, as I can’t read that fast. Not without moving my lips, anyway. Maria is delightfully adorable and forever loyal to her owner. Ueno is old. Not sure if Maid-Droid (2008) was meant to be poignant or just an excuse to show boobies. Probably both.

6 Responses to “Sex With Robots”

  1. Wait, is this the one with the boob guns?

  2. Gary Getcha Says:

    Sounds like my kind of filth. Weird Japa stuff.

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