Ratting on Rats

Ratten 2

In the easily enunciated Ratten 2 — Sie kommen wieder! (2006), genetically-altered rodents overtake a small town, first introducing themselves by dropping in on a hot fraulein taking a hot bath and showing das boobies. The rats, pouring out of an air vent over the bath tub, eat most of the girl, leaving nothing worth dating in their wake. Thanks for nothing, rats.

Ratten 2

The vermin, liberated (or “befreit” – German for “be free” I think) by a minimum-wage lab assistant, have been genetically re-designed to die once their body temperature hits zero. (Um, aren’t we all like that?) This is where global warming is really gonna come back to bite us in the environment, as the rats are multiplying faster than math rabbits, and swarm through everyone’s nooks and crannies.

Ratten 2

The plan is to lure them into an underground sewer so they can be frozen with cannisters of freeze-y stuff. Plans like this rarely go right, and one guy has to wade through one hundred thousand rodents to reconnect the wire that’s needed to ka-BOOM the place. That he doesn’t get bitten once was a real letdown. In fact, the muscle mice don’t really do anything cool.

Rats – I thought this was gonna be a good movie about rats.

Ratten 2

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