Dashboard Aliens


Invasion (2005) is an n entire movie shot almost entirely with no edits via a police car dashboard cam. I should be so bold.


A meteor with an alien in it crashes on the outskirts of town. If you get near it, you turn into a zombie. Some people get near it. Interesting premise presented in a reality context. (Looking at people/aliens/zombies through a police cam at night is freakin’ freaky, man.)


But Invasion has a tough time holding your interest past the first 15 minutes. They have the police car driving through an endlessly winding back road endlessly. There’s a screaming prom queen out there, earning her title the hard way, when the meteor craziness went down. Somehow she ends up in the cop car and screams for help on the radio.


This frustrated conversation is hysterical. (She tells the sheriff back at the station to cram his badge where meteors don’t shine, using words unbefitting of someone with her royal pedigree.) I liked her. Not the endlessly winding roads, though. Maybe if some of the roads were a bit more straight.

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