Mud Blood

Entrails of a Virgin

In the titled-to-the-point Entrails of a Virgin (1986), a couple of Japanese models — one slutty, one new to the ways of sluttiness — go to an abandoned cabin in the woods with some horny photographers whose probable intentions are to take pictures of happy trees and/or the hilarious antics of raccoons.

Entrails of a Virgin

It doesn’t take long before the slut gives it up smooth. The other photographer, though, is having trouble getting the unpoked gal to put it on the glass. He keeps promising her fame and wealth and eventually forages her dense forest. While IN THE PROCESS, he’s snapping enough photos for 10 issues of Ex-Virgin Illustrated. All this commotion wakes up a nearby mud monster who wants to get his freak on.

Entrails of a Virgin

The slut, upon encountering the filthy creature, sees he’s sportin’ a monster package. Intrigued of the possibilities, she instantly initiates a sexual encounter, which is the last horizontal date she’ll ever have, getting split in two by the swingin’ sirloin. She dies with a smile on her face. (Size queens are so easy to please. So I’ve been told.)

Entrails of a Virgin

Not quite fulfilled, mud monster goes after everyone else, ripping off heads with faces attached like they were training bras. Piles of gore, blood gushing all over the floors and walls, nude naked parts, and enough sex to wake up your mud monster.

P.S. If mud is up your alley, then you’ll no doubt want to seek out Entrails of a Beautiful Woman (1986) to further your freak.

Entrails of a Beautiful Woman


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