The Evil Nude


In Exorcismo (1975), an Italian schlock knock-off of The Exorcist (1973), a young nymphet daughter of a widowed socialite becomes the conduit through which Satan makes poo poo. Seems the gal got caught up in some trendy satanic rituals where hippies gather to smoke the weed, drink psychedelic wine and invoke evil. A 9-1-1 priest is called to exorcise the spirit of the girl’s dead father out of her hot naked body.


As she starts to “change,” clothes come off and she does the usual possessed stuff: levitates the bed, has gonorrhea sores all over her face, smears herself with some sort of dark brown stinky stuff that looks like poo poo. But it’s the dazzling dialogue that really rivets one’s seat (i.e., “You’re all stupid asses – get out!”). Lots of full frontal naked good times, but no scares unless you factor in unshaven female armpits.


So what happens to Hell’s Serpent once it’s been evicted from the girl? Uh, oh – the family dog is looking a bit more evil than usual and might start floating around the room. Let’s just hope he’s ceiling broken.

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