Bowling For Brains


In the grind-y gore gala Gutterballs (2008), two rival groups of swear-languaging teens battle each other on the after-hours bowling alley lanes for bragging rights. One hot chick, apparently allergic to underwear, gets violently violated by the guys on the other team, using their private parts and a bowling pin to prove their bowling skills.


Despite the brutally graphic encounter, everyone shows up the next night for a re-match. Team members include various sluts and a she-male. But in-between record-setting times for using the “F” word, everyone wanders off to have explicit sex with each other. This is done on the romantic bowling alley bathroom floor and anywhere else pants/panties can be liberated.


But someone – wearing a bowling bag for a mask and carrying sharpened bowling pins on a belt – is out for revenge. Two are forced to choke to death on each other’s genitals. (There’s a joke in there somewhere.) Another gets his face sheared off in the bowling ball polisher. And yet another gets the pointed end of bowling pin shoved up his alley.


Each time someone is killed, a strike shows up on the scoreboard. That’s pretty darn funny. A sicko-but-coolio twist towards the end picks up any plot spares left standing.


Gutterballs brake-less violence and wet gore is quite impressive for a low-budget flick, if you can get past the female/male rape-with-a-bowling pin scenes. For some reason, a guy getting a bowling ball dropped on his face didn’t bother me as much. I must be getting desensitized to America’s favorite past time.

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