Humans vs. Unhumans


Four hundered meteors zip past earth’s zip code, but only one hits that stinking planet, right smack in a national park where there are college students hanging out.


Luckily, its glowing residue can re-animate the dead. The under-grads should’ve listened to the local witch who warned ’em time and time again some bad juju was about to come down. There’s some nonsense sub-plot about a secret scientific scientist who is rumored to be conducting experiments on human organs, and may somehow be connected to the witch.


Those affected by the meteor zoom turn into burnt zombies with big teeth and chase people through the woods, where they catch ’em and rip open their stomachs like they were Merry Groundhog Day gifts. The entrails look suspiciously like really large strands of spaghetti with extra sauce.


Lots of chasing, screaming, shooting and evisceration in Unhuman (aka, Evil Aliens: Unhuman/2004). But where’s the love?

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