Dr. Dead

Sleeping With The Dead

Dr. David can see the dead. As a physician, that’s probably not the way to get new patients. But it’s true, an ability he came down with when he flat-lined as a kid, which gave him peeping rights to the Other Side. But for some unexplained reason, everyone around him can see the dead as clearly as he. So much for being special.

Sleeping With The Dead

This all ties in to a female ghost who has been killing men on their birthday and plucking out their left eyeball. Detective Iron Cheung (cool name) is a friend of Dr. D and is investigating the mother-plucker. Turns out all the victims were related – including David and Iron Lung, uh, Iron Cheung. (They’re all old friends.) Oh, before I forget – happy birthday, Cheung! (His special day is right around the corner and the ghost woman is coming to blow out the candles on his death cake. And take his eye.)

Sleeping With The Dead As a preface to this de-facing, each victim starts to get body scars where there were no body scars before. This is all connected to a girl that went missing years ago, a girl that all the guys knew. You better not ask me who the ghost is or I’ll kill your eye. (If you’re double thick and still can’t figure it out, think Stir of Echoes/1999).

Sleeping With The Dead

What little blood in Sleeping With The Dead (aka Cham bin hung leng/2002) gets splashed about is digital. (What, a doctor can’t find real blood?) Besides the pale-face chick ghost with long black hair, the only other “spooky” thing is a skeleton dummy. That could easily be a metaphor for this lifeless attempt at j-horror.

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