The Ecstasy of Vampires

Vampire Ecstasy

Vampire Ecstasy (aka, Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern / 1973), is an erotic B-horror adult classic (starring Swedish porn legend Marie Forså), and goes by several other titles: Veil of Blood and the more well known, The Devil’s Plaything. No matter what you call it, this movie is NAUGHTY. And no, that’s not a bad thing.

Vampire Ecstasy

One clean jerk away from being X-rated, a cult of horny, naked chicks, uh, I mean, comitted cultists, rub each other silly and have sex amongst themselves, assisted by a variety of wiener-shaped ritual candles. (All the best ritual candles are weiner-shaped.)

The Devil’s Plaything

This acceptable behavior, of course, ushers in the soul of a vampire Baroness who thirsts for two things. (Think I might know what the other is.)

Vampire Ecstasy

Plenty of chanting, bongo accompaniment and humpty-humping. Hardly any blood, but the rampant diddling and booby action more than made up for it.

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