Bigfoot vs. Zombies

Bigfoot vs. Zombies

Bigfoot vs. Zombies (releasing February 23, 2016) seems so obvious, and yet it took this long to pair ’em up in an epic showdown worthy of a pay-per-view.

Bigfoot War

Not so fast – this concept was preconceived by Abandoned Cinema back in 2010 as Bigfoot vs. The Zombies. It was also optioned by maligned German horror/sci-fi director Uwe Boll in 2014 as Bigfoots vs. Zombies. And it’s a theme in Eric S. Brown’s Bigfoot War book series, specifically Bigfoot War: Outbreak (2013). Of course I know all of this. Me ’n BF are BFFs.

Bigfoot vs. Zombies

So how did Bigfoot get dragged into battling the undead when he’s been like Switzerland in the ongoing zombie conflict? Thank science. They created the “toxic cocktail” that leaked into the local population’s water supply (public mud puddles, YMCA bathtubs, gas station restrooms), thereby creating flesh-eating zombies. (Note: The didn’t say anything about fur-eating zombies. Maybe the undead don’t like hair in their food like the rest of us.)

Bigfoot vs. Zombies

So Bigfoot, tired of all this zombie nonsense that keeps interrupting his nature walks, steps in and starts swingin’. My money’s on B. All of this potentially leaves the door wide open for a sequel that has Bigfoot turning into a zombie. They should call it World War B. (That’s now intellectual property, by the way.)

Monster Clash

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