Found Foot-age

Bigfoot photo

A stunning photo of a hiker was captured on camera by Bigfoot, sending the Internet reeling. Taken in the Olympic National Forest in Washington State just 113 miles west of Seattle, this is the first time anyone has managed to get solid photographic evidence of the woods walker.

“I was down by the river,” says a visibly shaken Bigfoot. “I was taking care of my usual morning business – I eat a LOT of fiber – and heard noise on the trail behind me. I looked up and there he was – a hiker! I pulled out my cellphone and managed to snap a pic.

“It turned and looked right at me,” he continues. “I guess this gooned out both of us as he ran off, and I and jammed outta there pretty fast, too. He had a real off-putting odor – his clothes smelled like Bounce™.’

Bigfoot photo

Bigfoot came back the next morning and was able to get a picture of the hiker’s foot print, offering even more conclusive evidence. “Near as I could tell, he was wearing a size 10 North Face Chilkat Tech Boot,” says Bigfoot.

Despite the startling evidence, the scientific community remains skeptical, claiming that there simply aren’t enough 7-Eleven™ stores close enough by to provide a sustainable food source. But Bigfoot remains adamant. “I know what I saw,” he insists. “For years I heard the stories of hikers being seen all throughout the woods. Now I have proof.”

Bigfoot photo

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