Horror Hole

Deep Dark

Ever had a hole in the wall talk to you? How about when you’re sober? Didn’t think so.

And yet a talking hole in the wall in Deep Dark (2015) is just what a failed artist discovers. Instead of cramming drywall mud into it, the hole – voiced as a female – gives the artist insight on how to become an artistic success and make lots of money to spend on anything but drywall mud.

Deep Dark

So this Hermann artiste is about to commit suicide when this darn hole starts yapping and telling him it has the power to fulfill his wildest dreams. (If a wall hole said that to me, gotta admit I’d give it a try.)

Deep Dark

But like all hole-y things in life, this dream fulfillment comes at a price. What follows is die/kill/bleed. And just so you don’t go all judgmental on the supremely lazy title, check out Deep Dark’s trailer first – pretty fun stuff.

The Deep Dark

P.S. Don’t confuse Deep Dark with the 2006 novel The Deep Dark. That one’s about America’s richest silver mine, the irony being that if you had a wish-granting talking wall hole, you could get a silver mine all to yourself – and you wouldn’t have to waste time reading an entire book.

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