Door-To-Door Ghost

Don't Knock Twice

The new (as of 2015 anyway) horror vengeful ghost movie Don’t Knock Twice (cruddy title) is described as being “an emotional story full of suspense and twists.”

Plot in yer pants: “Don’t Knock Twice follows a guilt-ridden mother who wants to reconnect with the daughter she was forced to place into care. To save her estranged daughter, she has to uncover the terrifying truth behind the urban legend of a vengeful, demonic witch.”

Generic, but then today’s vengeful ghost movies, with few exceptions, are rarely anything but. If a ghost witch isn’t vengeful and demonic, then it’s a kid’s film. And nobody – except kids – wants that. So what does that leave us? A cookie-cutter horror plot, i.e., Darkness Falls/2003 and The Tooth Fairy/2006 to pull a few outta my haunted arse.

Being jaded suits me.

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