Armed and Dead(ly)

Zombie With A Shotgun

Did you see Hobo With A Shotgun (2011)? Yeah, me neither. Seemed kinda dumb. Most people say that about me. Maybe I should get a shotgun and star in a movie that no one will watch. I wouldn’t shoot anybody, though. That’s just mean.

So there’s this knock-off of HWASG called Zombie With A Shotgun (2015). A web mini-series, it’s getting bumped up to first-class, meaning it’ll be made into a movie or “film.”

I hear tell you can see the ‘webisodes” and even the trailer on Vimeo.™ (Weird word – it stands for “video” and “me.” Much like “you” and “tube,” of which it rips off, but is actually better.)

Speaking of ripping off, seems the folks behind Zombie With A Shotgun didn’t have a problem ripping off Hobo With A Shotgun’s title, poster and even the kicker line.

Hobo With A Shotgun

So when will Zombie With A Shotgun be released? Haven’t a clue. What’s it about? What, you can’t guess from the title? Here’s the plot, then – “A couple are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse one shotgun shell at a time. The male is infected and knows that one day soon he will turn and be a serious threat to his beautiful girlfriend.”

Beautiful, eh? And soon to be single, I hear tell.

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