Fear of Horror and Sex


Agoraphobia. At first I thought it was a name for a Swedish death metal band. Turns out it’s an actual mental condition described as having fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment. Sounds like being the only dude at a women’s sex toy party. (Some of those personal comfort devices look more like off-shore drilling.)

Agoraphobia is at the root of an upcoming indie horror movie, Hollower (release pending 2015). There’s this teen kid who’s been suffering from it for the last three years. Then he meets a chick next door. Goodbye agoraphobia, hello raging teen hormones. Panties beat panic every time.

As the movie’s sparse press release goes on to say, “as their relationship blossoms Nathan (agora dude) begins to realize he’s not as alone as he thought. Something wants him and once it gets in, no one gets out.”


Okay, that’s just not cool. This is a rank amateur description that indicates absolutely nothing about the mysterious something that might turn out to be the guy’s over protective mom. The movie poster shows some sort of dark entity that maybe watched The Babadook (2014) a couple of times. But other than that, we’re given near to nothing to make one want to watch the movie.

You want real scary? Spend 15 minutes at a women’s sex toy party. It’ll scar you for life.

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