Kill Club


A group of Korean college friends form a club and call themselves A Few Good Men, even though they have several really hot chicks as members. They don’t say what this club actually does, but I’m assuming some of it is keeping a dark secret they all were involved in years ago.


One of the new recruits, the shy-but-sexy Eun-ju, commits suicide by jumping off a building and landing on her face. Now, years later, all the club members start dying by eyes being plucked out, glass in the face… You know, the usual die-kill-bleed stuff.


At a running time of 97 minutes, Nightmare (aka, Gawi/2000) is 67 minutes too long. (Hey, wasn’t Too Long the name of one of the extras? Okay, that was uncalled for, even it is is true.) The horror stuff is entry-level and the foot-on-the-brake pacing will make you want to pluck your own eyes out. Or jump off a building. Or put glass in your face. Or join a club, which kills its new members. Oh, did I just say that out loud? My bad.

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