Rappin’ Zombies

Dead Heist

Four street hustlers with a degree in rap plan to rob a small-town bank so they can afford a lifestyle befitting their hip-hop dreams. Too bad they picked the one town that, on a full moon, is overrun with blood-eating zombies. Yo, that’s whack.

Dead Heist

The robbery goes further south when the zombies converge on the financial institute, looking to make a withdrawal of interest-bearing neck chunks and high-yield blood loss. Additionally, the dialogue between the gangstas is priceless, full of colorful street colloquialisms like “Step off, b*tch!”, “That’s the game, b*tch!” and “Your top is comin’ off, b*tch!” Not surprising, given that almost the entire cast is a rap star.

Dead Heist

The zombies have their freak on and run after you like you just called their mother a ’ho. They gurgle a lot and have foggy eyes, but this brand of the undead – a result of a botched military experiment to fashion synthetic blood – only dies when you shoot ’em in the heart. So if you’re a rapper with a gun (and why wouldn’t you be?), forget the rule about popping a cap in their brains, because it just wouldn’t be dope, yo.

Dead Heist

Dead Heist (2007) flashes bank amounts of blood, a little neck chewin’, and some fresh zombie rhymes. I’m down wid’ it.

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