The World’s Breast Horror Movie

Killer Rack

A horror movie about killer boobs. There are days I get up and think, “What a wonderful world this is!”

Killer Rack – still in production as of right now (April, 2015) – is a heartfelt/boobfelt film that stars Debbie Rochon, one of my all-time favorite genre actresses. While Deb’s been featured in dozens of indie horror/sci-fi movies removing her bra for the sake of making the plots cohesive, this time she plays Dr. Cate Thulu, who does breast implants for those deflated by life.

Killer Rack

Betty Downer, one of Dr. Thulu’s patients, gets new market melons and life is good until she finds out they’re man-eaters, Lovecraft-esque monsters looking to end mankind one grope at a time.

Killer Rack

As her boobs are Lovecraft inspired mutations, Dr. Cate Thulu’s name makes way more sense. (Tell me you got the reference.)

Killer Rack

You can help Killer Rack see the light of day via their Indie Go Go fundraising page [click here ]. Don’t let the their efforts sag and the project go bust.



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