Demonic Tenants

The Landlord

In The Landlord (2009) a property owner can’t collect the rent as Hell demons keep eating his tenants. But that’s his job – to keep the cupboards full of chow, or else the demons will eat him. Not seeing an up side to all of this, especially when the landlord has to clean the bloody mess after each meal. At least he gets to keep the damage deposit.

The Landlord

Tyler (the landlord) inherited the three-story old house from his devil-worshiping parents. (I wonder if my parents do that kind of stuff? Looking at how I turned out, I’d have to say MORE THAN LIKELY.)

The Landlord

The two demons are constantly feenin’ for human fixin’s. Tyler’s not totally on board with this but plays waiter for their insatiable hunger because, hey, DEMONS. If that wasn’t a mouthful to deal with, all this bloody body buffet is drawing the attention of the cops, one of which is Tyler’s sister. Gasp out loud!

The Landlord

The Landlord is an ultra low-budget comedy horror flick that, while inherently dumb, is momentarily entertaining. The demons look totally fake, though. To see a real one, ask your devil-worshiping parents.

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