Doom with a View

The Listing

Some really impressive, albeit over the top, marketing for The Listing (2015), a nine-minute horror short. If they put this much effort into the ad poster (flippin’ awesome at that), then one can only glisten with excitement sweat over the film itself, which runs about as long as a post-high fiber breakfast sit down.

It’s the last home you’ll ever buy,” the movie’s kicker line, is kinda generic, though, I would’ve gone with “Doom with a View” or “F’d Up Death House Party.” But then I’m all about marketing. The long line is a bit better: “3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1 Dungeon, and a deadly aftermath.” (The “deadly aftermath” part lines up nicely with “post-high fiber breakfast sit down.”

The Listing

The plot is also less-than-informative: “A beautiful two-story starter home is for sale, but all its former occupants have never left alive.” I wonder if the bank that loaned them the money killed ’em for late payments? Sounds like something a BANK in and of AMERICA might do.

The beauty of The Listing (releasing sometime in 2015) being so short is that, by nature, has to get to a “don’t bore us, get to the chorus” punchline quickly. I like this business model. So much so, I’m gonna start doing day-to-day everything in nine minutes, starting in about 15 minutes. Hey, I’m busy, man.

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