Submerisble Horror


Below (2002) is a haunted submarine story loaded with underwater speak. For instance, “Tall grass outside” means big waves on the surface. “Brillo pad” means there’s a woman on board. (Heh.) And “Make a hole” is more or less self-explanatory, especially if the vessel is the U.S.S. Pillow Biter.


That said, all this authentic dialogue makes the horror of a WWII submarine being hunted by Germans above with depth charges and grappling hooks, and sailors dying in freakish accidents while being hunted by a ghost below makes all that more gratifying.


It’s when the sub incurs substantial damage that the crew begin to suspect their submersible war tube is haunted. Eerie voices are heard coming out of portholes. And when you look in the mirror your reflection doesn’t quite reflect your motion. That is so messed up, especially if you’re trying to shave.


The freak accidents have the crew on edge as the new captain slowly starts to sink into madness. A supermodel nurse slowly pieces together the skin-crawling truth, adding more creepiness to this above average spooker. In all a very floatable horror flick, but couldn’t they have at least wrote in a cameo for Aquaman? He could’ve supplied his own bubbles.

3 Responses to “Submerisble Horror”

  1. A truly underappreciated gem of a horror movie. It was partly inspired by the real story of a haunted U-Boat from World War I not II where the crew repeatedly saw the ghost of a dead officer whilst on their patrols. Then in one final twist the submarine was spotted on the surface by the allies but before they could attack it blew up with all hands lost. To this day no reason for the explosion has been given.

    Back to the film even when this was new it seemed to slip by everyone almost unnoticed. I had never heard of it and saw it on a bootleg DVD. Everyone who has seen it that I know love it however. Its appeal is that it feels like a genuine haunting rather the usual horror guff. The scene with the face in the wall still creeps me out.

    Another great horror/submarine story is “Ghost Boat” starring David Jason

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