Clowning Around With Horror


The easily pronounced Clown, a horror movie about a clown of some sort, came out in 2014. I think. I looked and looked and was unsuccessful at locating an illegal bootlegged copy. Or even a legally bootlegged copy.

So imagine the sound of my relief (which took the form of a carbonated burp) when I found out Clown comes out on DVD in the UK on March 2, 2015. yeah, I’ll have to book a flight to England to snag a copy. But this thing looks cool enough for me to gamble my rent on.

ClownSo what has my balloons in a knot over Clown? Check this out: “It’s Jack’s 10th birthday, but the clown has cancelled. His dad, Kent, finds an old clown suit in the attic and saves the party. ”

“But after the party is over, Kent has a problem – the suit won’t come off. What starts as a joke quickly turns into a hellish nightmare. Kent can feel himself changing, and his desperate attempts to free himself just leave him in agonizing pain.”

“As the suit takes hold of his body, Kent slowly endures a brutal transformation. As he changes, an uncontrollable hunger begins to consume him, an overwhelming and insatiable hunger…for children.”

Holy crap balls – Kent turns into a flesh-eating party clown and eats kids. That is so flippin’ cool and/or harsh. Kids probably taste good because all those little runts ever eat is sugar. So it’d be like chowing down on a screaming candy bar.

I wonder how much Kent charges for private parties?

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