A Locker Full Of Ghosts

The Locker

A ghost chick lives in a Shibuya bus station locker. Rent is only 25 cents. As the legend goes, if you put a coin in the locker – possibly a quarter – your romantic wishes will come true.

The Locker

It doesn’t work because the locker is cursed. (There was a dead baby found in it, which explains the ghostly crying, ghostly hand prints and the ghostly Ringu-type lady who wants to eat your soul for brunch.)

The Locker


Six clearly bored teens try their luck with the locker in hopes that it’ll grant them feeling-up privileges. All but one don’t make it to Locker 3. (This movie is 1 and 2 together, which could be considered a bonus. Not so much as it means a boring ghost story is just that much longer.)

The Locker

The Locker (2004) – dumb premise, no gore to speak of, lukewarm ghostly sequences and a few hot teen Asian chicks. Back to the bus station.

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