Extraterrestrial Feminine Hygiene

Alien Tampon

It makes you wonder what going through the minds of the filmmakers behind the upcoming Alien Tampon (2015) when they decided that was an awesome movie title. Where they sitting around drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boys and watching discount porn? Were the trying to out gross Terror at Bloodfart Lake (2009)? Or are the filmmakers using the tampon as a new spin on extraterrestrial probe jobs?

Alien Tampon

At any rate Alien Tampon is one of those movies you won’t be able to help but watch, just to see how far they push the concept. No plot yet, but doubt they need one. Ick factor (for non-fetish guys, anyway) likely running high, which can be somewhat excused as it’s a “horror, science-fiction, comedy, action” film.

P.S. There’s a sequel to Terror at Bloodfart Lake titled predictably enough, Return to Bloodfart Lake (2012). Sounds like the time I spent at summer camp as a kid who discovered “accidental” bodily noises to be absolutely hysterical. Some things never change.

2 Responses to “Extraterrestrial Feminine Hygiene”

  1. And you think you’ve seen it all….

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