Rockabilly Vampire

Rockabilly Vampire

Iris is a not half-bad looking skirt and one of those Elvis Presley fan freaks. Her job sucks. Her love life sucks. Her new boyfriend Eddie is a vampire, so he sucks (heh).

Rockabilly Vampire

Eddie looks in the zip code similar to Elvis, which doesn’t suck for starry-eyed Iris. Eddie was turned into a vampire by his brother who sucked his neck back in the ’50s. That sucks.

Rockabilly Vampire

The entire Rockabilly Vampire (1997) “movie” was done with a hand-held camera and the plot, though intended to be a “horror spoof,” is so lame as to… What’s the word I’m looking for to describe this thing?

One Response to “Rockabilly Vampire”

  1. Lemme guess: it rhymes with ducks?

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