Futuristic Sci-Fi

The Omega File

Been awhile since I fully invested myself into a sci-fi television series. If it’s not The Walking Dead, American Horror Story or select episodes of Hemlock Grove, I can’t seem to make my attention span stick, even during binge watching. I blame Lost (2004 – 2010) for this. (All those years and a pay-off that was as weak as a penny slot machine.)

So now comes The Omega File, complete with cool looking creatures and a snake woman. (They probably already gave her a name, but I’ll just call her Melisssssa. Heh.)

The Omega File

Here is a snapshot of what we can expect when this project arrives in every format known to man, and probably even Netscape 3: “Solomon Archer, the leader of The Alliance, has been captured. He will be freed by his lover, a Snake Woman. Together with the help of Rocky and another teammate they will try to destroy The Order, the evil that is ruling planet earth.”

The Omega File

You got your hero, his love interest, a BFF made out of rock, the good guys and the bad guys, as well as a heaping helping of EVIL. I ask you, what good is anything without evil?

Hopefully, The Omega File comes out in the future year of 2015. I’ll cryogenically freeze myself to await its debut.

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