Frog Aliens

Alien Incursion

Alien Incursion (2006). Had to look up “incursion” because I didn’t know what it meant. The definition is: “An aggressive entrance into foreign territory.” Sounds like my last proctology exam.

Alien Incursion

An alien meteor does an incursion into the woods, where it busts open and little snake-like aliens wiggle out and look for hosts to incur. Once inside the human body, the aliens eat your guts and pop out your stomach, just like their grandpa did in Alien (1979).

Alien Incursion

After they make their grand exit, the space eels grow at an alarming rate (they have to – the movie is only 90 minutes long) and turn into giant frogs with teeth and spiky things on their backs. For budgetary reasons, these “frogliens” are computer-generated, which means they suck.

Alien Incursion

Tack on a ham-fisted plot about a para-military group wearing KISS makeup sent in to eliminate the evidence (and witnesses), a weapon-hoarding survivalist, a forest ranger chick with lips so puffy from collagen shots she could be a blonde mudshark, a bunch of whiny characters that deserve to be frog food, and you have one helluva stupid sci-fi movie.

The best part – everyone dies, except two campers who will no doubt go on to have nightmares about being associated with this porcelain swirler.

One Response to “Frog Aliens”

  1. Frog like critters popping out of their victims chests?
    Its been done before, hasn’t it?
    Do any of them sing ?

    Hello,my baby
    Hello,my honey
    Hello my ragtime gal
    Send me a kiss by wire
    Baby,my hearts on fire
    If you refuse me
    Honey,you’ll lose me
    Then, you’ll be left alone
    Oh baby, telephone
    And tell me i’m your own!

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