Boo That Ghost


An abandoned hospital decorated with “do not enter” signs and a chain link fence seems the most likely place to party and have sex. But would you go in there if you knew the place was haunted, specifically the third floor where a tragic fire happened years ago that left a bunch of people burnt to the point of being well done plus? Yep, me, too.


Some party/sex-minded college students break in to have a Halloween party and find they can’t get out and the aforementioned scary stuff is for real. It takes a while for the chills to fire up, but it gets fun once evil gets inside you and that cheap clothes rack you call a body is no longer your own.


The students are annoying (clichéd, but then there’s not a lot of new ground to break with college students in horror movies) and do the usual stupid stuff to piss off the dead. Boo (2005), with a ridiculously tacked-on title, features decent splatter and helps distract from a conventional plot. While the hospital setting is sufficiently creepy, watch The Frighteners (1996) for cooler (and way bloodier) haunted hospital scenes.


Big time spoiler: the evil character that’s causing everyone to have a not so fresh feeling day? He isn’t the only one who can come back from the dead. Like me, for example. I do it all the time.

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