Horsing Around With Horror


Horses, despite being a somewhat clean mode of transportation, are kinda creepy. They never talk and just stare judgingly at you, all the while planning to stomp you into road apples with their hooves of doom. And they invade your dreams, as depicted in Horsehead, a horror thriller due out later in 2015.

The pictures of Horsehead goons me out. That thing looks like something out of Barnyards Gone Wild. Here’s the plot to further goon you out…


“Jessica has never dreamed in her life but has had regular nightmares, the meanings of which have escaped her. This peculiarity has led her to conduct studies specializing in the psychophysiology of dreams and to follow a therapy with Sean, her mentor and boyfriend, to try to understand the origins of her nightmares.”


“After a rough first night made restless by a strange nightmare in which she meets her dead grandmother, Jessica suddenly becomes ill. Stuck in her bed with a high fever, the young woman decides to use her lethargic state to experience lucid dreams and thus try to take control of her nightmares. On the advice of Sean, Jessica needs to breathe a little bit of ether when a crisis arises to sink deeper into the other world.”

Hmm. No mention of horses. Maybe they’re hanging out in the other world’s pasture. It’ll be my luck if Horsehead turns out to be some guy in a mask. That would suck hard.

P.S. The trailer shows boobies.

One Response to “Horsing Around With Horror”

  1. “Horsehead” is featuring Murray Head? Gawd! I hope they didn’t insert “One Night in Bangkok” somewhere in the movie! Getting that song stuck in your head can be true horror . . .

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