Asylum of Photocopied Terror

Asylum of Terror

Take an abandoned prison, turn it into the Death Row Haunted Prison Funhouse, then charge obnoxious people five bucks to wander through its spooky confines while an escaped convict from a mental institution comes back “home” to see if anybody has been messing with his stuff.

Asylum of Terror

Claiming he’s “bigger than Freddy Krueger, bigger than Jason,” the maniac dons a hockey mask (for fudge sake, couldn’t they come up with anything even slightly more original?) and wanders through the funhouse, hacking and chainsawing people into pocket change.

Asylum of Terror

The only scary part of Asylum of Terror (1998) comes when you realize you’ve been robbed of your video rental money, cash that could’ve been spent on refreshing alcohol instead of regurgitated slasher fare.

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