Squid Rock

Tentacles of the Deep

As a 12 year-old boy, Ray watched his mom and dad get eaten by a Kraken (aka, giant squid), plucked off the boat and ripped into pieces of something that could be fried in tempura batter and served with dipping sauce and a napkin (cloth or paper – your choice).

Tentacles of the Deep

Fast forward to however how old he is now, Ray is on the hunt for the multi-tentacled beast to share his feelings about how wrong it was for Kracky to just eat his parents without asking.

Kraken – Tentacles of the Deep

Good for everyone involved is that Nicole, a supermodel marine archaeologist who wears a science bikini, and with the help of another stunningly smart blonde in a mico-swimsuit, dives among Alaskan sunken boat wrecks in search of a Trojan war mask. She’s been looking for it for years – and this time she finds it within the movie’s first 15 minutes. How lucky is that?

Kraken – Tentacles of the Deep

Boatless Ray looks like Huey Lewis and smooth talks his way onto Nicole’s science barge, where he assists in finding the elusive treasure. But Ray cares not for oversized decorative body wear – he’s out for hard-core fishy justice served up movie star style.

Kraken – Tentacles of the Deep

This would be child’s play were it not for the giant digital squid guarding the treasure. But does that stop everyone from diving down into murky depths to get it? Nope. Do people get eaten by the squid in less time than it takes one to make a sandwich? Yep. Does Nicole show her flotation devices? Nope. Did that make me upset? Yep. Did I like Kraken – Tentacles of the Deep (2006)? Nope.

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