Go Ask Alyce

Alyce Kills

Alyce is young, hot, drunk and uses the F-word as if it were an adjective, as does her equally young, hot, drunk and gutter-mouthed BFF girlfriend. Sexually liberated with boyfriends that cheat on them, they proceed to get drunk, flirt with expanding the parameters of their friendship (ahem), and get inebrated even more on the roof of their downtown apartment building. All is fun and F-words until… OOPS! The girlfriend took the express way down.

Alyce Kills

Alyce, overwhelmed with guilt (it was an accident – or so she says), lies to the police about what happened. It’s one thing to give your soulmate flying lessons, but another issue entirely to be untruthful to the Law. Amazingly, the BFF survived the drop in altitude and is in the hospital with a Frankenstein’d face. Can’t have her recovering and spilling the truth beans. So she has to try, try again because at first she didn’t succeed. And thus starts Alyce’s descent into guilt-driven drug abuse, sex abuse and all the ancillary depravity that goes with it.

Alyce Kills

Alyce Kills (2011) is grim and mesmerizing in the same way when you see a car sliding on ice towards the edge of a bridge. But it isn’t until the last astonishing 20 minutes where this thing goes into OMG territory. Armed with a baseball bat, a chef’s grade knife, a meat cleaver, a hacksaw, a blender, a microwave and a handy pistol, Alyce balances the crazy scale by resolving issues with her girlfriend’s brother and that wasted drug dealer who made her submit an oral exam on his front pocket area, and anyone standing in her way. (I’m looking in your direction drug dealer’s friends.)

Alyce Kills

And just when you think it couldn’t get anymore entertaining, it’s the last word that comes out of her mouth that puts a nice exclamation point on her newfound personality. I’ve said that same word a one hundred million times, but not nearly with the same effect. Alyce kills, indeed.

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