Free-Love Vampire

Female Vampire

Several things you need to know before you watch Female Vampire (1973). First, there is a LOT of naked nudity. Front, back, upside down, sideways, rolling around, perpendicular… Secondly, it’s sub-titled. But when you have that much sex and naked stuff, sub-titles seem more or less an annoyance.

Female Vampire

Female Vampire is a European horror film about Countess Irina von Karlstein, a young and eerily attractive, fang-less descendant of a family of vampires, who, unable to speak (not with her mouth full all the time), goes around having unsafe sex with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Just so you know, it’s not blood that sustains her. Use some imagineering here.

Female Vampire

And since this is the ‘70s and in Europe, there is an abundance of body hair, all of which is zoomed in on – sometimes uncomfortably close. Which reminds me, I should probably mow the lawn and trim those bushy hedges.

Female Vampire

There’s a plot, but it only gets paid lip service as Irina pays a lot of lip service on her victims and spends most of the movie wearing nothing but a leather belt, knee-high leather boots and a cape. In case she gets cold. I don’t see how as she’s so hot. Heh.

Female Vampire

Unlike Irina, all bases are covered: girl on guy, guy on girl, girl on girl, girl on bed post, girl on bed pillow, girl on bath tub… There’s even an S&M scene thrown in there to make it more continental.

Female Vampire

Female Vampire comes in several varieties/titles: The Bare Breasted Countess, in both hard R-rated and X-rated versions. Regardless, you could say this movie sucks. But that’s the point, is it not?

P.S. Female Vampire is available for streaming on Netflix™. You’re welcome.

2 Responses to “Free-Love Vampire”

  1. I’ll be honest adore this film and its kind. I caught a bit of it one night while having a drink with my grandfather who as a bit off-put by it so it ended up going off. Me and my wife thought we would like to see the end of it though. Incredibly, the next day I saw it attached to a horror movie magazine and thought it must be fate so I bought it. As much as I loved the film the magazine was an eye-opener for me too. It had a feature on some of the goriest movies and the one that intrigued me was “Men Behind The Sun” which was about the Japanese Unit 731 laboratory that experimented on Chinese civilians. Being a WWII nut I had to find it and while it was a bit graphic at times it wasn’t a patch on “Philosophy of a Knife”

    • “Men Behind The Sun” is pretty cool – nice reference, by the way. As for this one, I have no idea why I’m drawn into what I know will be that many more minutes off my life. But for some reason, I seem to find value in all of it. The quest continues. Feel free to recommend – not really an expert, but a die-hard nut case fanatic fan 🙂

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