Ghosts Bothering You


More ghost-y stuff finally headed for your head, this time in the form of a young gal who, while returning to her pre-training bra home in Louisiana to re-apply bandages and recuperate after a splatto car accident, comes human face to ghost face with a long-tormented spirit that’s been seeking her return. And get this  – that spooky whatzit has no intention of letting her escape. Yeow, I say!

With that, Jessabelle (2014), from some guy involved with Paranormal Activity (2009) and Insidious (2011), looks to add some doctor bills to your chills. I am so down with that.


I watched the trailer for Jessabelle last summer while drinking an ice cold AND refreshing beer. While the movie was supposed to come out in August 2014, it did not. And because I just didn’t seem to care about anything except beer during a hot summer, it fell off the radar. According to my staff out in the field (the neighbor kids), Jessabelle is scheduled for limited release on November 7th, 2014.

Rotten Tomatoes™, that highly opinionated movie review site, gave it one and a half stars. And I thought I was a movie a**hole.

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